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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone! I'm David with David's Lawn Care out of Lee County VA. I was going to make my name here David's Lawn Care but it was already taken so I used the last name of my online identity. Long story.. ANYWAY! A little about me~ I have mowed a few yards in the past for money but more as a...
  2. Lawn Mowing
    I am not sure where to place this topic, but: Does anyone familiar with Black & Decker lawn and garden equipment - trimmers included - know what the best models that I should get? I am trying to stay away from anything "Made in China" which is why all the models I want to find are old (I want...
  3. Lawn Mowing
    What do u think is better? 18V Cordless Broom V.S. Leaf Hog
1-3 of 3 Results