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  1. Landscape Lighting
    I was up until this week using volt top dog down lights for the peaks of the homes, My company does alot of peak down lighting. Volt just took that product off market, I was wondering what is everyone else using fixture wise i am looking for a new company to purchase from.
  2. Professional Discussions
    I'm trying to figure out whats better for several brass impacts that are about 2.5 feet above ground. PVC riser (most amount of swinging) PVC riser with L channel aluminum + cable ties to secure PVC riser with rebar? + cable ties to secure? Galvanized riser that starts about a foot into the ground
  3. Professional Discussions
    Hi, I'm planning a new irrigation system and I am wondering if any of you still use the Brass Buckner gravity return spray heads? My customer is willing to pay the extra money for them, if they are worth it. I know first hand that they last just as long if not longer than the conventional...
1-3 of 3 Results