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  1. Bidding, Estimating and Pricing
    Got a church that has 4 dead baby trees about 7 years old that have been cut to ground they need to be pulled so I can plant new trees, and 8 bushes that need to be pulled and replaced. Trees cost $150 a piece x 4 Bushes are $45 a piece x 8 Do I just double ? How much do I charge to pull...
  2. Landscape Lighting
    Hey guys, I am looking for advice for the best way to light up these knock out rose bushes. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks again. Pete
  3. Business Operations
    I'm wondering what you would charge or figure per hour for 3 guys trimming shrubs on a 2 to 3 hour job. Two of the employees are $10 per hour and are good hard workers. In most areas economies they'd probably be getting 13 to 15? The third person is me, the owner. Both employees are decent on...
  4. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    Hello. Does anyone know what kind of tree or bush this is in the picture attached? I want to plant another like this but I don't know what the name of it is. Thanks in advance! DZ
  5. Landscape Maintenance
    I have been getting some business trimming bushes. Should I charge for trimming the bushes, then charge for hauling the clippings off, or should I include the cost of hauling them off in the total price? If I should charge separately for hauling the clippings off, what would be a good price to...
  6. Landscape Maintenance
    so i have some questions about preening and trimming. when you remove dead flowers from a bed do you remove just the flower (reproductive structure) or the stem and flower? when do you trim bushes? i do it when the customer asks me, but i don't know if that is best.
1-6 of 7 Results