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  1. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I'm looking to add to my fleet and these are the best 3 (decent prices) ones I've found...I'm looking for a 50-54" cut and I went test drive a Spartan yesterday and it seemed pretty legit. I've always sworn by Dixie Chopper but after driving that Kubota and Spartan I'm thinking about changing it...
  2. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    I went in to my local dealer to see what used hedge trimmers they had and they had two stihl trimmers, the hs81t and hs81r, for $250 a piece. This price comes in on the low side of what I've seen these going for so I have some concerns. Would you ever purchase used equipment that was once a...
  3. Marketplace
    Looking to purchase a 30" stand-on aerator. Lawn Solutions, Toro, Exmark doesn't matter brand. I can have shipped. Need to see pictures of machine and hour count.
  4. Business Operations
    Lawn Business For Sale Question Asking price $50K. $150K gross rev this past season. 160 customers... (equipment for sale too but I only want customers so $20K of equipment not part of sale price) Last 3 yearly financial statements support income claim. $10K up front and remaining balance...
  5. Marketplace
    2001 international TG spray truck.. split tank 600 gal, PTO pump, two hose reels, and bulletproof mechanical on truck. She's a great running truck with a lot of profit potential for about half the price of a ride on sprayer. Put this into some profit projections, and see what I'm talking...
  6. Network: Central
    Good morning. I am a Green Industry business broker. I have a client in the St Charles, O’Fallon area who is seeking another small business to purchase. Preferably this would consist of Fertilization/weed control accounts in the St Charles, O’Fallon area. He will consider some mowing...
  7. Marketplace
    I'm in Louisville Ky and want to buy either an inexpensive under $2K used or refurbished Zero turn mover with at least a 42" deck. Any suggestions whats best / where to go, brand?? It will be used for several residential lawns daily.
  8. Lawn Mowing
    I bought a WB 52" Scag last year, my lawn service was only part time. I lost my corporate job, and decided to grow my lawn service. I dont want to spend another 6-10k on a riding Scag, but im tired of walking 10 miles a day. Are sulkys worth the money?
  9. Trucks, Trailers and ATV/UTV
    Wil-Ro (Gallatin, TN) Super Lawn Trucks (Fort Valley, GA) Handy Ramp Conyers (Madison, GA)
  10. Lawn Mowing
    I thinking about selling my brand new residential grade cub cadet zero turn and using the money to purchase some other stuff from a failed lawn care business owner. the mower is a grasshopper 725 model ,it has a 52" duramax deck, a liquid cooled kohler engine but it has 1400 or so hours on it...
  11. Trucks, Trailers and ATV/UTV
    2008 F150 4.2L 5 speed reg cab XL longbed 2wd with 8,000 miles at an area dealership listed at $15,950. Ok everyone, here's the same boring epic question: what's your opinion of this truck? I have a small car that I love (esp at 26 average mpg) but I really need a light-duty daily-driver...
  12. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    At the end of this winter season I will have $25,000.00 to spend on new lawn mowing equiptment and need to know whats the best for my buck.I'm going to need two ride mowers, some back pack blowers, some edgers, and a lerge trailer to fit it all. I was looking at the John Deere home tractors that...
  13. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    I have an opportunity to buy 60 lawn accounts for $20K with $5000 in income. They are grouped nicely and in the area I would like to work. I am basically reopening a landscape/tree service business that I was forced to close in late 2007 due to lack of work. Our economy really took a dive and...
  14. Marketplace
    We're looking to buy a small established lawn biz in Naples, FL area. Willing to buy equipment and accounts or one or the other. Looking for a biz with monthly income of $5,000 or better - can be commercial or residential or both. If you have something available, send us a private e-mail!
  15. Lawn Mowing
    I am looking at buying some accounts from another company. What is fair to you for maintenance accounts? 2 months? 3? 4? How would no contracts and no guarantee of retention factor into the price for you? Any other suggestions on payment terms etc? Thanks!
  16. Employment
    Are you a landscape maintenance professional? Do you have more than 5 years experience? Do you have a broad knowledge of landscaping? Do you have leadership ability and great communication skills? Are you highly motivated? Do you have a valid drivers license ? Do you have a clean MVR? Are you...
  17. Marketplace
    Looking to pay top dollar for GOOD accounts in Dallas and/or Houston area. Respond via email: [email protected]
1-17 of 18 Results