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  1. Marketplace I have a great old mower that cuts grass like a $500 pair of scissors! Starts on 1 pull, sweet Briggs 3 hp , plenty of power! awesome piece of equipment, however a bit heavy duty for my tiny 10'x 15' postage stamp rear yard only I bought it from a 93 yr old guy...
  2. Lawn Mowing
    Greetings everyone! New member here so I cordially welcome any hazing or ritualistic initiation new members deserve. Also wanted to thank everyone for all the great info I've already gained from reading previous posts. That said... ...this is my first one. I'm really interested in picking...
  3. Original Pictures Forum
    Hi, Just picked this up today. Haven't tried it out yet, but love it so far. My first mower I ever used as a little kid was a California Trimmer, so naturally I'm pretty loyal to the brand. It's a 7 blade, 25" with roller drive which I prefer over Tru-cut's. Being in California, Eastman cal...
1-3 of 3 Results