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  1. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    hi folks. I currently am in the process of starting my LLC and expanding my lawn care services. just some quick questions I was hoping you can answer. is it ok If I use my personal banking account to buy stuff for my business that I will later use for write offs? for instance I need a printer...
  2. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    I have been thinking if I have to collect them? I work on my own and don't have a facility other than my home to place my equipment. I do pay taxes but collect taxes I never have. I only do mowing..... as for income I made about 34k last year. In the attachment area says about 5k income I am...
  3. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    I have been working with my dad and we currently have about 14 own, 16 third party company, 3 another third party = 33 customers mostly are every 2 weeks. There is days 3 to 7 to 10 yards we do depending in the area they are. I do route optimization. Yards size they are less than 5k- sqft. The...
  4. Bidding, Estimating and Pricing
    Hello everyone, I just hit my first solid year full time in the lawn care and landscaping business. I've been decently successful with keeping bills paid and customer relations, running a business full time with no part time job. Mainly focused on residential but occasionally do commercial...
  5. Network: South
    We are based out of Tarpon Springs, Florida. We service from Port Richey down to St. Petersburg, Florida and everything in between. Basically Pinellas County and South Western Pasco County, Florida. We cut year around down here guys! From November 1st to April 1st we cut bi-weekly and the first...
  6. Original Pictures Forum
    Hello all, after a long four year break from the site I am back. Lots of changes in the business. will be posting as often as possible
  7. Bidding, Estimating and Pricing
    Hello everyone. I recently started getting more serious with my business and started marketing myself a lot more and I I'm looking for a little advice and help. I have had a few jobs in the past and a few jobs that are current that I feel like I am bidding too high or too low and I don't want to...
  8. Business Operations
    How did you guys transition into full time and taking on that huge risk
  9. Landscape Maintenance
    ok so ive been thinking latley of a mulch job i did last season i edged the trees pretty nice to give it a nice look but there was roots in the way i pretty much hit some roots in the process and dug into them to make the esge as best i could i used a spade. so my concern is that how bad do you...
  10. Fertilizer Application
    is weed and feed usually applied as the same rate of regular fert depending on nitrogen content.thanks
  11. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    So I want to start to grow my business. I'm 17 years old. I have about 8 accounts and I've been doing this for about 1 year now. I want to start making more money save up for college and grow this into a full-time job after college. What I want to ask is: What's the best way to get more...
  12. Business Operations
    Howdy, I am looking to hear from people that started off in the lawn care industry by word of mouth and then also added a website for people to find them. How long once the website was built did people start to call you? I know this is different for everyone as you work with SEO but Im just...
  13. Introduce Yourself
    Hey everyone, I haven't found a lot of threads when I've searched forums for backlinking. I feel like this is a perfect website for networking! I just created my site about a week ago so it's only on page 7 of google when you look up lawn care mechanicsville, VA but its getting there! My site...
  14. Landscape Maintenance Please Help, Thank You!
  15. Lawn Mowing Equipment Please Help! Thank you!
  16. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    This will be my second year with lawn mowing. I was looking to see what some people do as of contracts (how long and whats included in them etc.) also what do you do as collecting payments (biweekly, monthly, don't mow until next payment is received etc.) Thanks
  17. Business Operations
    Was talking to a guy who cuts lawns down in Alabama. He doesn't have many accounts but they are real big. Since I am newer to the game at starting a legit business, he was giving me some advice. Some of it really got my gears turning. He made the point that clothing is very important that to...
  18. General Industry Discussions
    Hey everyone! Just like the facebook likes tread, let's follow each other on PINTEREST. I know that everyone doesn't have a Pinterest page and everyone have different opinions on having one, but for those that have one let's get the following rolling! Follow me (
  19. Digital Marketing
    Hey guys, Does anyone know how to link your You tube channel, Pinterest board to your Facebook business page. or if it's even possible. Hope that this is the right forum. Thanks in advance.
1-19 of 23 Results