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  1. Turf Magazine Talk
    Spring is a time to evaluate, upgrade, and add to your equipment fleet. Equipment is an investment in your success, but it's not the only one - maximizing the equipment financing options available to you helps to free up cash flow to spend on other areas of your business. Turf magazine's...
  2. Turf Magazine Talk
    Financing Know-How by Angie Harms, tactical marketing planner, John Deere Financial There are many financing options for professional landscapers, and it can become overwhelming when trying to select the best option for your business. When considering a new equipment purchase, there are three...
  3. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Hi everyone, been lurking for quite a while but have the need for some help now. I've been working for 'that' treatment company for 5 years. My wife and I started mowing and landscaping on the side in August. Come November I put in my resignation for February to pursue this full time. The...
  4. Business Operations
    I'm wondering what everybody is doing to manage cashflow. As my business grows, I'm trying to stay ahead of the curve by keeping a cash strong position. My idea is to have 3 stockpiles of cash. In order of priority, they are: 1 to use as a reserve fund for big repairs, paying my salary through...
  5. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    When you plan for capital purchases; During which month(s) would you be more likely to purchase equipment with a price tag from $15,000 - $18,000?
  6. General Industry Discussions
    Well cash flow is a real issue for us. We mow for the month, then send the bill on the first of the new month. I don't bill for stuff I haven't done yet. I don't want to complicate things. This year I added a line on my invoices about a late fee. Still had some people not pay on time. So I...
1-6 of 7 Results