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  1. Bidding, Estimating and Pricing
    A client had this fallen tree on their property. What would you guys charge for this job? There are 3 locations. #1. (Pic 1)One is just a bare 15 foot limb(4-5" diameter) in front of the hedges(cut down to 4 foot sections). #2.(Pic 2a and 2b) One is of a few limbs that were hot by a storm and...
  2. Mechanic and Repair
    Just bought my first chainsaw - its used 2019 Echo CS400 with an 18" bar. Found it on CL and seems like its in good clean condition. Previous owner used up in the Rocky Mtn. high country (above 7500') to help clear an acre or so he was building on. Came with a new chain and all the crap that...
  3. Tree Care Equipment
    Currently have a Stihl MS 271 farm boss saw. Works fine, but I think I want to retire it or keep it as a spare. I’m wondering what people’s thoughts are on other brand saws? Particularly in the reliability department. Is Echo/Shindaiwa decent in chainsaws? How about Husqvarna? Side note: I have...
  4. Mechanic and Repair
    Bar nut on my chainsaw came loose and this part (see little piece on white lid) came loose. I've looked up parts diagrams but can't figure out where it goes. It has a small spring on one end. Please help. Thanks!
  5. Mechanic and Repair
    What is a good place to find Husqvarna 61 chainsaw parts? I have one and need to find the chain adjustment screw part. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I run the RM ebz 8500's. how do they compare to the br700. I'm not looking to switch I'm just curious. Also comment which brand u prefer for handheld equipment besides chainsaws.
  7. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I saw a youtube advertisement recently and stihl has a commercial grade battery line of handhelds called the lightning system. I new they are relatively new but does anybody know anything about them or have one by chance?
  8. Tree Care Equipment
    Hello, I'm trying to decide between the following used chainsaws. Hoping for advice and input to help me decide. I am new to chainsaws. We just moved and now have 50 acres of swampy forest that is easier to harvest in the winter when it freezes over. we want to sell firewood...
  9. Network: North
    Hello Family! Direct Chainsaw Here from Essex County, NJ. Just joined lawnsite and looking to grow my online store. Calling on all my Jersey, Tri-State family to help one of your own. My site is, I am currently running a promotion giving away free chainsaw gasket. promo...
  10. Landscape Maintenance
    I have an area one of my clients wants me to clear. But the problem part of the area is there is alot of pretty good size bamboo. Should i just go at with a chainsw? and once ive got it down how do i kill it for good? :confused:
  11. Marketplace
    Hello All, I am returning home from Afghanistan and will be expanding my company. I am looking to purchase any zero turn mower that is in good shape, as well as trimmers, blowers and chainsaws in good condition. I do not want to travel more than 75 miles from Cincinnati, OH. PM or email me...
  12. Marketplace
    I have a nice MS250C Easy start saw for sale in western KY. It's about 3 years old and runs great. New Air filter, new bar, new chain (16") new rear (air filter) cover, new seals on the fuel and oil caps, just had it tuned up. No disapointments. asking $190, willing to ship for about $20.
1-12 of 19 Results