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  1. Lawn Mowing
    I just sent a quote to a potential mowing customer. Figured on $61 based on being a 10K property and the amount of trimming needed. I call back and she said another company quoted 35 dollars!?! Am I crazy? or is this an anomaly? New business, btw.
  2. Business Operations
    Hey guys(gals), How do you politely and professional write an email to customers explaining to them that you have to increase the price of there lawn mowing service. When I started I was adding yards at a lower price then I am now and I need to get my cheaper yards up to speed. Some of my...
  3. Business Operations
    I am looking at stand on mowers. what is the cheapest ones, i am not looking for quality just the pricing then I am going from there. Thanks.
  4. Business Operations
    I know many, all, of you see this. I just feel like venting and asking. Why do people not care what they're lawn looks like? The homeowner does it themselves, probably because they're cheap, and leave clumpy crappie all over. It irks me seeing it. At least take pride in what your lawn...
  5. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Saw this $125 2-wheel sulky and wondering if it a good deal? It seems really super cheap for a new one, i just bought a used 1-wheel sulky for $100, i realize it leaves a line down the middle but it's better than walking. Just wondering what you guys thought of this one...
  6. Sports Field Maintenance
    A friend want's to sell me 2 walk behind mowers. A 36" Toro Commercial mower and a 33" Troy-built Residential. He want's $750 for both and an extra $100 for a sulky for the toro. He want's to sell them to get a new mower. Should i talk him down on price or take it? Seems to be a good deal but...
  7. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Now this is my first post to this forum and i hope i attach the pictures right. I have a friend that want's to sell me a 36" toro pro line walk behind mower with a a bagger attachment, and a 33" troy-built residential mower......both for $750! I'm not sure if its too god to be true, or what...
  8. Business Operations
    I am new to the lawn care business. This is only my second year, and I am obviously still learning. Right now it is just me doing the work on my own, and sometimes my husband helps. Next year I plan to purchase a separate truck and hire someone to help me. So because of that I do all my...
  9. Marketplace
    2006 Hustler Mini Z 36" 17 hp kawasaki - 425 hours Just serviced hydros, new seals, oil & filters. Very clean unit, couple sets of blades. $2499 obo
  10. General Industry Discussions
    I live in Kentucky and I constantly see landscapers going to TN to get great deals on really nice plants. It must be an incredible deal because the TN border is about 2 hrs away from me. Does anyone know where they are going? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Marketplace
    I'm looking to get a trailer under 300, I'd like for it to be at least 8 ft long or bigger. let me know what you've got.
  12. Marketplace
    2005 Scag Saber Tooth Tiger for Sale. 72" Advantage Deck No Leaks or Noises New Battery Runs Great and Very Smooth Fleet Maintained 3100hrs on mower New Motor at 1800hrs due to low compression on 3rd Cylinder Asking $4400 - Must sell I am located in Lexington, KY. Email me for pictures if...
  13. Network: North
    I want to do this for a living and I'm wondering if there is anyone in Maryland that could help me out. I'm looking for free or cheap tools, I mean most kinds from a good truck to a trailer to a rake. Also I would love tips about running my new business.
  14. Marketplace
    That was a great machine, but been sitting idle after I bought my rider. Great engine, relatively low hours, three blades, deck in great shape. Good start. Trap available. Wood ramps availble to load into a pick up. Priced slightly above my new 21" toro. Good entry level mower. Well maintained...
1-14 of 14 Results