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  1. Tree Care Equipment
    I’m looking for a small chipper/shredder to help minimize haul off from big cleanup jobs. It would need to be able to take 3”-4” material at the biggest. I’ve watched videos and searched and they all seem to be hit or miss. Let me know what y’all are using or would recommend. The local Echo...
  2. Marketplace
    Great Chipper Well taken care of Near Gordon, Wisconsin 283 hours Questions??
  3. Marketplace
    After 27 years, deciding to downsize significantly and sell most of my large tree and landscaping equipment. Any business graphics will be removed or an allowance given to the buyer for doing so. Have maintenance records for most if not all equipment. Located in Aberdeen, SD 57401. Can ship...
  4. Marketplace
    I have a used Frontier WC 1205 Hydro feed 3 Point Hitch chipper for sale. I bought it new this past December and haven't used it that much and just don't need it. I paid $7,800.00 plus tax for it then. I've used it 2 different times with a total hours of about 4-6. I'm trying to get $7,000 for it.
  5. Marketplace
    We are selling our Salsco 627 PTO 6" PTO chipper with a brand new set of knifes. There might be a max of 75 hours on it. We store it inside and just don't use it enough. Here is a link to the specs on it,%20LIT,%202000%20WEB.pdf Located in Hanover, PA 17331...
  6. Marketplace
    I have a Bearcat Bearvac Pro chipper/shredder/debris collector, model 75011. I can't find much information online, but see the attached stock pic. It's a lawn/leaf vaccum, self propelled, that can pick up leaves, debris, sticks, twigs, etc. It also has a chipper chute that can handle up to...
1-6 of 8 Results