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  1. Christmas Trees & Seasonal
    So I made a checklist but feel as though I am missing stuff that I used last year and do no want to have to run to get anything during the job as we’re knocking out two right next to each other same day and it’s going to be about a 10 hour day. This is what I have already listed: Ladders Glue...
  2. Trucks, Trailers and ATV/UTV
    We do a lot of Christmas lights and I am thinking about buying a lift this year instead of renting. We have 2, 2 story homes that the lift is just absolutely necessary for. The other 2 story homes we are able to do without, but we would use either lift with if rental fees weren’t an issue. We...
  3. Christmas Trees & Seasonal
    We did a pretty basic install on a 3 story home early this week. It's just the gutters on top of 2nd floor, the dormers of the third, and the peak of the 2nd floor that rises above the 3rd story dormers. One of the bulbs didn't live happens. Thing is it's the third bulb down on a...
  4. Bidding, Estimating and Pricing
    I just started this year and seem like i am overbidding christmas light jobs. I have given two bids on larger homes that both owned there own commercial lights. Heights above 25ft and about 100ft of lighting. One bid was $550 and one was $650 just the roofline. Both told me they had it done...
  5. Christmas Trees & Seasonal
    I read several times that people use the parapet clips siliconed to aluminum flashing on commercial buildings. What type of silicone works best? How many seasons will it last? Any other tips or advice on installation? Thanks in advance.
  6. Christmas Trees & Seasonal
    Anyone have any experience or insight on ordering direct from China? Reputable Manufacturers they know of? Care to share experiences and insight?
  7. Marketplace
    Just like it says I have several hundred (700 plus) 5mm led strands and (150 ish) 5mm net lights for sale. Was thinking $5 per stand and $10 per net lights. Most used 1 season (about 55 days) some 2 seasons. All of them have the replaceable LED bulbs. The strands available are pure white, red...
  8. Christmas Trees & Seasonal
    Hey Guys, This has been a great forum to learn and discuss new ideas. Does anyone have any resources they like and use to train their new staff? Please post links here if possible. Thanks in advance.
  9. Christmas Trees & Seasonal
    It's that "most wonderful time of the year" when we're starting to get calls from our customers with regards to hanging Christmas Lights for this holiday season. As a well established lawn care company that's still fairly new to the holiday lighiting industry (this will be our 2nd year at it)...
  10. Christmas Trees & Seasonal
    This is our 2nd year in the christmas lighting business and we have a client who has a 24' evergreen tree that is not reachable by a boom. Last year we had a ladder resting to the middle of the tree, but could not rest it any higher because the tree would not physically hold on top. Any...
  11. Lawn Mowing
    Wow we did it ! We have ramped up our team in an effort to get the most for our Christmas Light Installers We have dominated every market we go into. --------------------- Take a moment and see the sneak peak video . I loaded this video on youtube instead of on the Christmas Light Installer...
1-11 of 11 Results