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  1. Business Operations
    I no longer am mowing on a day to day basis. I started to recieve complaints this year which is fairly new to me. So to cut down on these complaints for lawn mowing I plan on having pictures taken After every service visit and being sent to client via text/email. I also plan on having a...
  2. Business Operations
    Hey guys, So I am in the process of wanting/ probably going to fire a customer. It's a hard decision because the property is amazing and its a great pay-day. I have an idea of the responses I am going to get... I already have a gameplan of how I will handle it, but just wanted to hear other...
  3. Business Operations
    According to a consumer survey by the National Association of Landscape Professionals, the majority of Americans lack basic knowledge about how to properly care for and maintain their lawns. What do you think?
  4. Business Operations
    I have a customer who has been a real pain this season. It is a lady, rough, tattoos, piercings, bandanas... She contacted me in May needing someone just to mow & make her property look clean. Arrived to an overgrown jungle with trash and debris all throughout. It is a rather large lot with a...
  5. Business Operations
    Okay, so I have a client that is just a major headache. I just wanna see what some of your opinions are on him. This morning (Sunday morning) he called me on my cell at around 9:20. Luckily I wasn't in church that day. He was calling to tell me that I could come and collect my money from that...
  6. Digital Marketing
    Hey everyone! I just shared my New Client Questionnaire template in the JotForm template gallery. If you want to look at it or use the template, go here:
1-6 of 6 Results