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  1. Professional Discussions
    I spec'd this controllers for several jobs and 15-20 years later, there are many more controllers out there. What're some of the best controllers for larger, multi-station residential use? The Irritrols have held up well and programming them is easy.
  2. Marketplace
    I recently bought a unit filled with rainbird items. I have over 20 pat+es grey plastic sprinkler boxes. They are all fully functional and in excellent condition. Also have a bunch of eagal 550 and 750 sprinklers in excellent condition as well. I'm trying to sell these items at an excellent...
  3. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    I've seen reviews for several smart watering sprinkler controllers and some report up to 30% water savings (Blossom Has anyone seen a comparison between smart watering controllers like Blossom, Rachio, Rainbird, etc.?
  4. Professional Discussions
    I have a property with 2 ICC controllers. One system only have 8 zones on it... easy peasey. Another have 16 zones. My question is this: Will a program set on 'A' and a program set on 'B' run at the same time? Or do they have to have start times consecutive, rather than simultaneous?
1-4 of 5 Results