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  1. Professional Discussions
    I spec'd this controllers for several jobs and 15-20 years later, there are many more controllers out there. What're some of the best controllers for larger, multi-station residential use? The Irritrols have held up well and programming them is easy.
  2. Professional Discussions
    I need to change my standard controller. I’m looking at the Rain Bird ESP-ME3 or Hunter X2. I’m leaning toward the X2 largely due to the ability to use a remote. Anyone had any experience with the X2 yet? Any pros, cons, or issues you’ve seen with them? Thanks in advance for sharing your...
  3. Industry Surveys & Polls
    Has anyone done a comparison between smart watering controllers like Blossom ( ), Rachio, Rainbird, etc.? It would be great to know their comparative water savings, and their relative effectiveness at keeping the lawn and plants healthy.
  4. Professional Discussions
    Are there any 2-wire systems out there that keep costs contained to about $500. I'm not including the actual valves, but I am including the decoders. I can't seem to price together a system with 9 outputs (and eventually/possibly more) for less than about $750.
  5. Professional Discussions
    So I'm reading through the specs and the actual user manual for the new Weathermatic Smartline SL1624 controller... The specs look awesome... It has an Auto Adjust feature... For each zone, It has a setting for Soil Type (Sandy/Loam/Clay), Sprinkler type (rotor/spray/bubbler/drip), and Slope...
  6. Professional Discussions
    Never in all my days have I used the Orbit brand of anything. They sell these at local stores in Michigan for like $4 a rotor and look cheap. They do however have touch screen controllers that look pretty sweet. Has anyone had any experience with these? Are they worth the $100...
1-6 of 6 Results