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  1. Lawn Mowing
    I have a bid to submit but mostly churches tend to submit tax exempt on everything they purchase. I use square up on my clients and I don't see tax exempt option.
  2. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Hey guys, We currently buy all our blades from my dealer and recently he has put up an online site for selling his mower blades. The best part is that he told me that I could give out a discount code to you guys! The website is: And the discount code is Free40TW...
  3. Lawn Mowing
    In my yard I put up a big Christmas light display. And for about 2 months I'm walking around my yard a lot. In fact for 1 1/2 months there is a large structure sitting on the grass. It's zoysia grass and what height should it be cut at for winter with high traffic on it? I don't want it too...
  4. Lawn Mowing
    I just got a 36" WB with sulky and it seems the blades end where the tires do, to get defined stripes should i still cut an overlap? I would be one thing if it was bigger and the deck hung outside the wheels but it doesn't, at least not by much anyways. Suggestions? Should i still overlap a...
  5. Landscape Maintenance
    I was approached by a potential customer and they are wanting their flower beds cut. I was wondering how some of you are doing this. I only have a stick edger. And I do have spades. I'm posting a few pictures of what I think are ideal. Please post pics of what you did and how if possible. I have...
  6. Hardscaping
    What is your preference for cutting pavers? Wet or dry cuts? What type of cutting tools do you prefer?
  7. Business Operations
    Been doing residential lawns for a year now I am interested in getting some commercial accounts. I have read you need to place bids and im unsure how you go about doing this. Any Insight would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hardscaping
    I'm building a patio with unilock tumbled pavers. Its 12x14 and the top end will be curved. When it comes to cutting the curve, what is best? 1) use a tile saw and cut before laid down 2) lay the curve long, cut the curve with a cutoff saw, then add the border. If i choose this option, do I...
  9. Landscape Maintenance
    I'm having a problem cutting a few of my weekly lawns. The lawns are growing and they look really good. I am cutting them at appx 3 1/2", and at that height, I'm taking at least 4-5 inches off of them. I do mulch the grass, and a lot does fall into the grass to the ground, but I also do blow...
  10. Lawn Mowing
    I've been in business for a few years now what is a good way to move in to commerical mowing? my reasoning for wanting to move in to commerical cutting is so that I may make more money in less time is this the proper mind set to have??
1-10 of 10 Results