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  1. Business Operations
    How's do you guys deal with your clients' lawn having piles of debris(that they obviously want you to remove) left by the client or another company?
  2. Lawn Mowing
    Should leaf and stick removal be included with weekly mowing at no additional cost? I have numerous customers expecting that leaves and sticks be removed weekly. How do y'all handle if a huge storm comes through and the customer expects you to handle cleanup at no additional charge? Thank you
  3. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Ok so my old trailer is a 15+ yr old excellent condition mesh with dovetail. Since I just got my new 6x14 footer I am looking to turn this into a wall built debris removal trailer that is my idea for it not selling it no way to many good memories of me and my pops working together. Last year I...
  4. Professional Discussions
    Here is a valve tip that might save you a little time. Comment or post one of your own. Manually bleeding a valve: Use the solenoid or use the external bleed screw? Why is there a manual bleed screw? I find that most do not fully understand the differences between the function of the...
  5. Marketplace
    Looking for a 3 pt debris blower. Bigger the better. Please pm if you have one you are wanting to sell with price description and pictures
  6. Power Washing
    This past year we installed an approximately 30 yd x 30 yd concrete/brick plaza in the center of campus. It is surrounded almost entirely by brick seating walls. The plaza does not drain well and never had any tile drains installed(not my choice). It is a terrible trap for leaves, dirt, and...
  7. Marketplace
    I have a Bearcat Bearvac Pro chipper/shredder/debris collector, model 75011. I can't find much information online, but see the attached stock pic. It's a lawn/leaf vaccum, self propelled, that can pick up leaves, debris, sticks, twigs, etc. It also has a chipper chute that can handle up to...
  8. Marketplace
    Honda motor perfect shape! Oxford, AL 423-715-7896
1-8 of 9 Results