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  1. Power Washing
    We can clean those dirty roofs. By safely removing black streaks, algae & moss off of your roofs and make them look new again! Elephant Roof and Exterior Cleaning of Raleigh North Carolina provides safe, non pressure shingle roof cleaning services for the Raleigh, NC area and surrounding...
  2. Original Pictures Forum
    I got tired of having to work around my mower and it taking up to much space in my garage. Glad I have a high ceiling.
  3. Power Washing
    Another cleaned roof in Raleigh, NC. with no pressure cleaning method. I saw this house go on the market so I called the realtor and she said she was just talking to the homeowner trying to figure out what can be done about the Black ugly roof. I called the homeowner and gave him a price and...
  4. Power Washing
    Another happy customer in the Raleigh,NC. area. Just think, after it rains it will look even better! Make those black ugly roofs look like new with Elephant Roof & Exterior Cleaning.
  5. Power Washing
    Screen Porch Restoration. Cleaned and stained this Deck & Porch. Replaced screen and made all new trim.
1-5 of 5 Results