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  1. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    We see them all the time in the mail, on our doors, under the mat, littering our driveways. Most are ineffective and end up right in the trash. Junk mail. However, there are the small percentage that do get read or end up on the fridge that turn into qualified leads and future customers...
  2. Business Operations
    Just had 1,000 door hangers made. I'm curious as to what kind of return I can expect, based on all of your experience with them. I'm really hoping for 5%, but I'm also not holding my breath. Thanks in advance!
  3. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    I decided that this year will be the year that I start looking for customers to do on the side. So far I have (I think) everything I need to start up except for customers. Yesterday I ordered 500 door hangers from Vistaprint and took a ride around to look for potential developments that I could...
  4. Sponsor Announcements
    FREE 2 Day Rush on PRINT Hey Guys - We are constantly getting calls from people needing door hangers and flyers last minute. As an appreciation to our LAWNSITE MEMBERS, we are offering FREE RUSH PROCESSING this week. Order before 5pm CST Friday, May 19th, and we will ship your order within 2...
  5. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    We have never done door hangers before and this is one I designed we are having printed. I no it's a little late but i would like to get your guys thoughts
  6. Business Operations
    Here's my door hangers for this year. Now I just need to get them out and get some clients :)
  7. Network: North
    At my current job I make a pretty coin, im banking a few hundred a week and a friend is doing the same. He will be getting equipment, I will be doing the marketing since im a salesmen and its what I do now. We will start in the 2013 season, the goal is to get 100 clients. Money not being the...
  8. Lawn Mowing
    this year I plan on marketing with door hangers instead of fliers, but I have been reading threads on what kind of door hangers are the best. I know of some sites where it's cheap to use. I can't come to the decision of just going black and white or going color, if you have any advice or...
  9. Business Operations
    Hey Lawnsite Members - With the escalating fuel costs we are all feeling the pressure to decide where to cut our budgets to make up for these insane costs. We have been asking our Lawnsite Member customers where we can help and have created a special offer EXCLUSIVE TO OUR LAWNSITE MEMBERS to...
  10. Business Operations
  11. Business Operations
    I've been putting out fliers for the first three years of my business. I was wondering about doing door hangers. How do you go about putting them out? Do you just park somewhere and start walking? How do you carry enough to canvas an entire neighborhood? Just trying to get a feel for your ways...
1-11 of 11 Results