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  1. Professional Discussions
    What's your preferred method of watering plants and shrubs? Drip emitters (0.5-2 gph) bubblers (.25-2 gpm) or overhead sprays? Do you like adjustable drip or bubblers? Or would you rather used fixed rate emitters and add more emitters for larger shrubs? I personally like low flow emitters...
  2. Professional Discussions
    I recently installed an Octave flow meter and a Superior 3300 N.O. Master Valve. Many zones have learned flow at less than 5gpm. Any thoughts on how to pinpoint a small break in the drip tubing. Right now I'm chasing after breaks that are around 3gpm over my learned flow rates. I'm having to...
  3. Professional Discussions
    Got a client who owns a hotel. Has a narrow strip of turf in between breezeway and parking lot. He's asked us to install irrigation, new soil and new turf. I was thinking of using Netafim Drip lines under the turf instead of sprays to keep water off the walk way, and in turn, reduce his...
1-3 of 4 Results