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  1. Marketplace
    I've decided to let go of my barely used Dixie Chopper 1844D. I really like how it cuts, it's just more than I need for my small yard. Only 26.4 residential hours on the clock. Delivery not possible unless you pay for freight pick up. It will fit in a standard F-150 truck bed between the wheel...
  2. Lawn Mowing
    I just received the replacement blades for my 36" Quick Dually that I ordered directly from BOP a few days ago. I thought I'd post a picture so that others with the same machine can see what blades BOP is shipping - - Oregon Blade #91 - 636
  3. Marketplace
    44' Quick Dually Samurai for sale EZR controls 16hp Kawasaki Electric start Step Saver Sulky ONLY 5 hours of use Asking $3,400 ......I would like to trade for a stander (must be 42" or 36"). I'm really only interested in something with low hours and that has been taken care of. I will have...
  4. Lawn Mowing
    I need to purchase a 36” mower for a crew that will use the mower for back up and only on a few jobs that require it (Fenced yards, hills where the bigger riders will not work) here are my choices. I have decided to go with a belt driven to save cost, I just think it’s dumb to have a $5000 hydro...
  5. Trucks, Trailers and ATV/UTV
    I have a 2000 K3500 7.4L crewcab short bed. The problem is that sometimes it won't start. It will fire but then die right away. When it happens you can't hear the fuel pump come on. You try to start it a few times, then let it sit and it will start up. I've been told that it thinks it's being...
1-5 of 6 Results