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  1. Mechanic and Repair
    Picked up a Ex Mark 36in walk behind, with the FC420V Kawasaki. It hadn’t been ran for 2 years, I went through the engine completely, and have it running strong. I have yet to move the mower more than a few feet, not knowing a lot about the hydro system and what kind of shape it’s in after 2...
  2. Marketplace
    I have a 2013 LT Rich Intermediate for sale. I bought this directly from LT RICH in June of 2013. This machine is very clean, well maintained, serviced on schedule and always stored inside. I only used this machine for my smaller residential lawns. This machine has 798 actual hours on it as of...
  3. Marketplace
    FOR SALE: PLUGR PL955 Walk Behind Aerator. Just installed brand new GX200 motor January of 2019. Only put maybe 5 hours on this motor. All new belts installed at that time. Trans axle serviced etc. Only selling due to needing bigger machine for bigger properties. this machine is ready to make...
  4. Marketplace
    Have a 36" exMark turf tracer & a 60" turf tracer for sale. Both around 2012-2013 with 1350 hours . Ecs controls . 36" has a Kawasaki engine. 60" has a Koehler engine Sulkys on both machines. 36" $3200.00 obo 60" $3500.00 For more info call or email 203-901-0393 [email protected]
  5. Marketplace
    Hi, I'm selling my 2019 Ferris Z1 stander. I love this mower but I need a 36 inch instead with the properties I'm mowing. If this sells, I'll turn around and buy the same mower with a 36 deck. I'm asking $7,000. It has less than 40 hours and comes with one set of stock blades, one set of gator...
  6. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    Hey Everyone, I am currently in the market to buy a zero turn mower for my home but I am unsure which brand to go with. I am coming from a Toro LX460 which died this past season. I've been talking to a few people I know that cut for a living and they told me to go with ExMark. So I visited a...
  7. Turf Renovation
    A friend of mine invented this thing and I'm curious as to what other professionals think about it. It hasn't really hit the market yet but for his sake, I hope it sells! Thanks for looking at it.
  8. Marketplace
    Trying to build up a few units I have. Seems like lots of guys are getting away from PG. I still use them. Anyone have parts they want to unload ?
  9. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I'm the mow foreman for a landscape company. I'm putting together a presentation to the owners about incorperating at least 2 stand on mowers to our fleet. i wanted to know what any experienced operators think of them. especially any advantages over sit down mowers. any input would be helpful...
  10. Lawn Mowing
    Hey fellas. So I joined the site a month ago. I am a teacher and I mow some lawns in the summer. I use an eXmark 36" walk behind. Love the mower but wanted to get a sulky in order to reduce my time. I loved the Jungle Wheels but honestly couldn't see paying 275 and up for a cart. I took several...
  11. Mechanic and Repair
    So I have an Exmark metro 48 which keeps throwing the blade belt when I disengage the blades. I've changed the belt and readjusted the guides per specs in the manual. What could it be?
  12. Lawn Mowing
    I just found this website what a great resource. I need to purchase 2 walk behinds for a large job(residential, gardens). These will not be back ups and will be getting a lot of use (6, 10hr days continuous use a month.) I'm thinking of the Ex mark Metro 26 or the Commercial 21. Any thoughts...
1-13 of 14 Results