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  1. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I'm in the midst of planning an initial equipment roster for a new solo lawn maintenance operation. As mentioned in a previous thread, I believe a stand-on mower with a 52" deck running on propane would be ideal for my purposes. My research has led me to four different makes/models at this...
  2. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Anybody had any luck with the provac 230 on the ferris standers? I have a z1 and a z2. When I need a new 60/72 I will get a z3. So I am already looking at bagging options if I need them. Always be prepared, boy scout style. Any other suggestions?
  3. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    i just purchased a srs z2 and made a few mods that id like to share with you guys. i modified the chute block for 20 dollars and built the stripping kit for an aditional 20 dollars. Here is the link to check it out. feel free to ask any questions or input. If I dont get back to this site and...
  4. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Has anyone heard anything about Ferris coming out with their SRS Z2 with Smaller Decks? I really want one for the comfort and wide tires & other features, but the reason I'd buy a Stander would be to Hit into smaller gates and tight spots. So i Want a 42" or 48" Deck. Anyone Heard anything...
1-4 of 4 Results