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  1. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    Hello, Thanks I’m advance. I own a small weed control and fertilization company. I’m licensed in Ohio and have been treating for a little while, but only residential retail customers. I was recently asked to provide a quote for a company that owns over 100 rental properties (all small...
  2. Marketplace
    Exmark Stand-On Spreader Sprayer with 741 hours. Everything on this machine functions and runs as expected other than the tank. Tank needs to be replaced or patched. Machine has been serviced and maintained within dealer specifications.
  3. Fertilizer Application
    For most of my clients I do what I can in the scope of organic fert. But a select few want full service, I don't want to turn them down so I would like to turn to another company to fulfill the need. 3 of my clients independently use a fert company that I am very impressed with the results. I...
  4. Fertilizer Application
    I am curious to what some of you have had success with or disaster when mixing and applying an extended release soluble nitrogen via a skid sprayer. I’ve read plenty on what some say 2gal/thousand is the minimum when applying 1lb N/thousand. What I want to know is if anyone has applied, let’s...
  5. Introduce Yourself
    LONG INTRODUCTION: Hello, I'm Tyler and I'm addicted to lawn care. Most laugh when I tell them I started a landscaping company in 2020. I am a registered pharmacist by trade and have been working in retail since 2005. I chose to start this because I enjoy it and it brings me joy. I grew up on...
  6. Fertilizer Application
    I just saw a couple of yards that I personally fertilized(2) and I wasn't happy with the stripes that were there. This seems to be a very rare but continuing problem for me. I used an 80 pound pneumatic. 2 things: #1. How could I fix this? #2. How do I prevent this, permanently. Thanks!
  7. Fertilizer Application
    I have a few clients that have DIY neighbors with pretty decent lawns. Any tips on how to "crush the neighbors?"
  8. Fertilizer Application
    For your warm season grasses(Centipede, St. Augustine, Bermuda and Zoysia), how much nitrogen do you all put down per 1000 sq feet(each application)? #1. Centipede #2. St. Augustine #3. Bermuda #4. Zoysia
  9. Fertilizer Application
    This is my second year in business, do I need a license to put down store bought fertilizer for residential lawn. I'm licensed and insured, but do not have license for seed. Do you need one??
  10. Landscape Maintenance
    What nozzle should I purchase for high flow. I am using this backpack to do fertilizations. I was told to need to get a different nozzle. So I can have higher flow to mix my products at higher dose. Any suggestions. Thanks
  11. Fertilizer Application
    So we run a 30-0-0 60% slow at a 1/4 per 1000 and we would melt down a 46-0-0 at a 1/4 per thousand. But getting pretty annoying to keep melting down the urea. Or can I go with a 30-0-0 mixture of Urea of Ammonium Nitrate fast release at like 2 oz per 1000 instead. Or is that too hot for a...
  12. Fertilizer Application
    Hey Everyone, I am new to the weed control and fertilization game. Getting my certification and license very soon and needing some direction on what equipment to start out with, I want to be as budget friendly as I can, however I'm not afraid to invest if the equipment will give me a good...
  13. Business Operations
    We currently pay our fertilizing technicians and hourly wage, plus a daily bonus of 1.5% if they meet their volume goals. How do you guys do your bonus structure? The issue we are running in to is once they meet their daily goal, they are heading back to the shop. This may be at 1:00 pm. We...
  14. Bidding, Estimating and Pricing
    Hello everyone! I'm a soon-to-be new LCO considering targeting a fair number of mid-sized (1.5-4 acre) commercial properties for landscape maintenance services. Some of my reasons for so doing are listed in detail in this thread, so I won't get into them here. One aspect on which I am unclear...
  15. Marketplace
    2015 Groundlogic spreader/sprayer with 760 hrs, Has spray bar and wand. Recently serviced New carb Honda Engine Front tires at 70% , rears tires at 40% These machines are built solid all stainless, way better built and support the PG. Asking $3,600.00 Obo. Will entertain trades for an aerator...
  16. Marketplace
    2015 Groundlogic ride on spreader/ sprayer. All stainless Const, well built 750 hrs, Honda engine Spray bar and spot spray wand Recently serviced. Asking $3,800.00 Obo Possible trade for, stand-on zero turn, Walker mower, slice seeding and aeration Equipment.
  17. Business Operations
    I'm changing my business model. Getting rid of mowing completely, and moving to fertilization, aeration, seed, holiday lighting, and snow removal. Covers me 12 months a year. My question is what is the most effective method for building my fertilization client list. Did 1,000 door hangers this...
  18. Fertilizer Application
    Hey everyone, Its my second year in business as a solo operator doing strictly lawn mowing, and business is booming. I couldn't be more happy with how much business I have obtained since last year. Anyways, I got certified to spray last year in Wisconsin and am now looking to break into the...
1-18 of 66 Results