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  1. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    I'm looking at creating a lawn treatment plan for my customers. Our first year was just sort of willy-nilly, whatever I picked up at SiteOne. Looking at 4 treatments a year Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer, Late Fall or something along those lines. What are your recommendations on products...
  2. Marketplace
    2017 z spray 1400 hours Has auxiliary tank Everything works as it should Just getting rid of to move to smaller machines. $6500 obo Valley City, Ohio
  3. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Hello! New to the forum. Starting a weed control and fertilization business. Need advise on best sprayer spreader to buy. I want one that has zero turn controls and can do a small to large lawn(5,000 sq ft to 50,000 sq fit plus) I have my eyes on a Z Spray Intermediate but would like to hear...
  4. Fertilizer Application
    Hello all, Recently had a soil test done and it indicated the lawn had 20.24 PPM of Potassium with an Optimal range of 38-72 PPM. When I try to convert PPM needed to Lbs/1000 I keep coming up with 8 Lbs and change which seems really high. I may be complicating this and would love some...
  5. Fertilizer Application
    I just saw a couple of yards that I personally fertilized(2) and I wasn't happy with the stripes that were there. This seems to be a very rare but continuing problem for me. I used an 80 pound pneumatic. 2 things: #1. How could I fix this? #2. How do I prevent this, permanently. Thanks!
  6. Fertilizer Application
    Do you all charge for 2 applications when putting down fertilizer that has pre emergent added in it?
  7. Fertilizer Application
    I have a few clients that have DIY neighbors with pretty decent lawns. Any tips on how to "crush the neighbors?"
  8. Fertilizer Application
    For your warm season grasses(Centipede, St. Augustine, Bermuda and Zoysia), how much nitrogen do you all put down per 1000 sq feet(each application)? #1. Centipede #2. St. Augustine #3. Bermuda #4. Zoysia
  9. Fertilizer Application
    My business partner and I are looking to add fertilizing/weed application to our current services and we were looking to send out a questionnaire to our current customers' to gage their interest. What questions would you include in the survey? Thanks for taking the time to read and offer...
  10. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    Hello everyone, FYI I’m new to using preen. I used a light amount of preen today and I plan on laying mulch down tomorrow. The customer asked me if I could plant a few hostas and Japanese grasses. Am I safe to plant these plants after laying preen?
  11. Fertilizer Application
    Stumbled upon a web site where I found super sacks of urea for $250-$300 each. I have been paying $380 a ton. I use about 25 tons a season and I'm looking for areas to spend less and I thought my biggest material expense was it. Web site is literally made in I am a little nervous...
  12. Marketplace
    I have 2 Trugreen Isuzu NPR's for sale. 2006 with 140,000 miles. Runs great and is in very good condition. It has a spray system that includes a 450/100 split tank. Honda key start engine, Hypro pump, double reel with 200 ft of hose (only bottom is set up to work currently. The top can be easily...
  13. Landscape Maintenance
    Sorry for the dark title. Is the landscape maintenance industry dying? With tons of peoples growing concern for the environment do any of you picture the work dwindling out? Kinda concerned about future business. I mean truly grass is an ecological wasteland, all it does it look good and is...
  14. Marketplace
    Ryan lawn 5 works great. has Honda engine on it. I have 2 left $800 each
  15. Marketplace
    Anyone in the market to expand their fertilizing and weed control business in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago? Specifically Crystal Lake, McHenry and Cary areas? I'm putting my business up for sale. 650+ customers, $300,000+in available revenue heading into 2020. Contact me at...
  16. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    Just starting up new chemical division of the business to compliment our mowing business. It has been 10 years in coming about. I'm looking for suggestions, recommendations for Spray & Fertilization record keeping and Client records. I'm welcome to all suggestions. - Thanks in advance for your...
  17. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    First time homeowner here. Inherited a 7500 sq ft healthy lawn with cool season fescue, ryegrass, and kentucky bluegrass. Has a nice irrigation system and good soil. Though healthy, there are some imperfections including a small weed problem (clover, crabgrass, other), modest brown patches, a...
  18. Fertilizer Application
    Has anyone used this or any other subscription fertilizer service. they claim to deliver results right to your door. the only two i have seen are lawnserv and lawnifi. thoughts?
1-18 of 101 Results