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  1. Landscape Maintenance
    We are maintaining a football field for a church school. The football field is used as a multipurpose field and there are kids playing there all day Mon-Fri. As a result of this high traffic, the grass is not doing so good. There are no bald spots, however the bermuda grass is not growing and...
  2. Sports Field Maintenance
    I have been asked to give a price on lining Lacrosse fields. They are natural grass. I assume 1st time layout and marking will be higher then relining. Can anyone help to give me an idea of a fair price. There are four fields and they are natural grass. I would likely use Brite Stripe®...
  3. Employment
    I realize this isn't exactly the same work, but I often find that my lawn contractors also perform this kind of work. If you are interested please read below. We are a well established regional property preservation and inspection company that serves multiple territories including FL, IA, IL...
1-4 of 4 Results