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  1. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    What is the best advertising agency that will get me plenty of accounts? What do you all think of...? Thumbtack DexMedia HomeAdvisor
  2. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    What have all you experienced landscaping owners finds that works best to gain accounts? I'm having a bit of a trouble my first year.
  3. Lawn Mowing
    Hey fellas. So I joined the site a month ago. I am a teacher and I mow some lawns in the summer. I use an eXmark 36" walk behind. Love the mower but wanted to get a sulky in order to reduce my time. I loved the Jungle Wheels but honestly couldn't see paying 275 and up for a cart. I took several...
  4. Introduce Yourself
    Hows it going guys? I'm a new member to LawnSite as of today, but did find many things on here useful as I started my small lawn care business last year. I am 20 years old from Hudson, WI and have been working in construction landscaping for the last few years. I mowed and few lawns and did...
  5. General Industry Discussions
    I passed out about 300 flyers around my neighborhood today (I've got a pretty big neighborhood) how many responses should I expect? I plan to pass out about 200 more flyers tomorrow as well. Is it too late to start advertising for lawn care services? Here's my flyer...
  6. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    guys, whats the best way to get lawn care customers? ive put out about 350 flyers some offering 10% off if you sign up for 6 months. gotten no calls. what should i do?
1-6 of 6 Results