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  1. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    Hi All! I've been dealing with a Moderate flea issue this year at my home. I've got them pretty much eradicated inside the home with Diatomaceous Earth. The stuff works great, is easy to apply, and is relatively safe (people actually eat this stuff!) Now, my dog is on a Monthly treatment of...
  2. Landscape Architecture and Design-Build
    We have a customer with fleas and billbugs on their yard. Were going to treat both. His yard is 800 sq feet. Was thinking around 125.00 total for labor and supplies. Does that sound right or am i over charging / under charging? Thank you all! He's a new customer, mowed three times this year.
  3. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    Hello, I need to know what is the best spray to kill fleas in my yard. I have a few dogs and fleas are getting bad and I want to know if there is something that I can buy that will work good. I have used once in done from Lowes, but I am looking to purchase a larger quantity that a quart. Any...
  4. Insect Control Systems
    For anyone who is considering adding misting systems for the purpose of controlling insects, this is for you. I am the owner of Insect Control Systems Distributing and have been making bug-free areas since 2003 with consistent customer satisfaction. Feel free to ask me any questions or tell me...
1-4 of 4 Results