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  1. Business Operations
    So recently I did some minor damage to a water pipe that goes into the home. Thinking it wouldn't be too terribly expensive I offered to pay for it. Well the homeowner had the dad take care of it and I just reimbursing him for the materials and give some money for the time he spent. All in all...
  2. Business Operations
    Good Morning, I am in the process of building my business for next spring, I am currently getting my setup for a part time solo operator. I had been looking different website for insurance what do you reccomend, my vehicle (pickup truck F150), that I use for travel to my regular job will be...
  3. Business Operations
    I've had the Hartford and CNA in the last 2 years. Both were super expensive around $3,500 annually which doesn't include 3k for workers comp on top of that. Both dropped my General Liability because of too many claims (dumb on my part, all claims were for broken windows on apartments and...
  4. Business Operations
    I've been getting some insurance quotes for the upcoming season. I just wanted to get some answers from someone who has a little more experience than I do. I've never had commercial insurance. I usually have about 10 properties that I maintain regularly in one season. I just do it part time...
  5. Business Operations
    Hello, My name is Matt and I own Matt's Lawn and Garden in Boise, Idaho. Does anyone have any advice for fairly cheap advertising that will bring back great results? Im having a hard time with door to door solutions. HELP
  6. Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone. My name is Dawn Bennett and I work with Drew Roberts at BearWise Landscapers. He told me to create a username on this website and see if I can help answer some insurance related questions on here. I am not in the landscaping business, but we serve lawn care, landscaping, and...
1-6 of 7 Results