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  1. Turf Renovation
    Do they really work or is it a waste? I got a job to attempt to fix a dead grass area around a tree which was a first for me. If the grass does not grow well what is the best way to fix it outside of sodding the area?
  2. Turf Renovation
    So I do both lawn care and landscaping and I like to kind of use my own property as a place to test and experiment with different plants and techniques that I may not have much experience with before I begin selling those services to others. With this in mind my back lawn has been a pretty big...
  3. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    The soil test I got recommended ammonium sulfate. I'm doing a complete renovation and plan on seeding in a couple weeks. Will it harm seed germination? TIA
  4. Turf Renovation
    I bought a bag of pure Kentucky bluegrass from Scotts. Its coated with a water absorbing product. It contains the varieties: Abbey, Right, and Jumpstart. I overseeded my front yard to try and improve the color and disease resistance. As a test, I planted some in a small cup in potting soil...
  5. Turf Renovation
    May have seen my other post -- new house, general contractor seeded lawn in spring, it is still very thin after 10+ weeks, appears to have a lot of annual ryegrass. The contractor, and a couple friends, have told me that the "good" seed in the mix (bluegrass, fescue, perennial rye, etc)...
  6. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    About 8 weeks ago I killed the entire yard (90% weeds) with generic glyphosate. Then about 4 weeks ago I mowed down as low as I could and bagged most of the dead clippings. 2 weeks ago I rented a stand on aerator and went over the lawn twice. This actually worked a lot better than I expected...
1-6 of 7 Results