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    Asking $6500 cash , contact me any time at 770-334-7593 I am located in Marietta, GA. 300 Gallong Skid Sprayer | Split Tank | All Electric Spacer Saver You can look up the unit “The Boss Sprayer” on google. I paid $7800 new for the unit after taxes and delivery. I ended up making a early...
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    Asking $4000 obo. Honda 5.5 with a hypro d30 behind it. Single jet agitation/ no dump, 400' 3/8" spray hose from westheffer with a lesco/chemlawn gun. Everything runs fine,I just recently sold my client list and have a non compete in the area, so there's no since in letting a perfectly good...
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    Asking $3600 OBO. Runs Great, Just Winterized it and swapped out the valves and diaphragms. For more information please call or text Ben @ 479-644-5395
1-3 of 3 Results