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    Have a nice Gregson Clark 100/50 skid sprayer. Has about 30 hours on it total. Bought a Steel Green ride on and Pumptec electric pump. Going to setup a nurse tank/ electric skid instead of this. Honda 160 Udor Kappa 43 Hannay electric reel 300’ 3/8” hose Lesco Chemlawn and JD9 100 gallon tank...
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    Sprayer was used for 2 apps in 2013. The Eco-505 was never used, just the coaxial hose & hose reel. Unit is on a 7×12' trailer. I will sell the trailer with the sprayers for $1000 more. This is a great deal @$4000. Paid over $5500 for sprayers. Selling because I came across a great deal...
1-2 of 2 Results