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  1. Business Operations
    Everyone has different goals and i think they are important in general to help us get to the next level in business and in life. What goal's do you have for your business?
  2. Business Operations
    Hey guys! So we are now into September and this has been my first "official" year of landscaping. I gotta tell ya which I'm sure a lot of y'all have experienced, it is great when things are great Anyway. I am posting in search of advice of or some type of guidance. My main career is in...
  3. Sponsor Announcements
    If you are want to learn how to grow your landscape company to the next level, in an intimate 10 person setting then this event is for you. Steve Rak a columnist for Turf magazine and partner in Rak Consulting is holding the event along with his brother Jeff. This event is an intimate gathering...
  4. Business Operations
    Hi all, I'm new to this forum. Had a question about software. I have been using QB 2005 edition for the last 7 years, pretty much just using it for invoicing. I want to get more into linking my bank accounts and the accounting side, as well as eventually using the software to grow the...
  5. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Marketing: Word of mouth, yellow pages, yard signs, website, quality work, flyers, sure.... How important is it to market through these various channels and which work better than others. Should I have pens, hats, uniforms, calendars with my name as holiday gifts? Maybe and More Importantly...
1-5 of 8 Results