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  1. General Industry Discussions
    I don't want to lowball myself. This hedge is about 83 feet long and about 6 feet wide. How much would you guys charge a good client for a job like this? This is the after.
  2. Bidding, Estimating and Pricing
    Vietnam vet in the neighborhood asked me to trim up shrubs & remove debris. New to pricing hedges and curious to what the experts would charge? Thanks in advance .
  3. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I'm in the market for a new edger, (fc96) but have also started picking up hedge trimming jobs & let's just say the ones I have (personal use mostly) isn't gonna survive in customers yards. Been looking into the Kombi 91, 94 or possibly bigger power head with straight shaft edger attachment/...
  4. Landscape Maintenance
    What would you all charge to trim this hedge. It's pretty long, at least 50 feet, maybe 75 feet or more, not really sure. The client didn't really specify how short, I'm guessing to just trim it down a little for appearance. I think it's a boxwood.
  5. Bidding, Estimating and Pricing
    Looking to expand my services and could use some help in pricing out hedges to trim. Have experience cutting just not bidding on bushes. This is one side of house and has 1 more hedge row on other side. He doesn't want clippings hauled away just piled in back yard. Any advice or experience in...
  6. Marketplace
    Looking to add a quality hedge trimmer to the side business & curious what your experiences are on which to get?? Looking at a Stihl HL 100 or something around that size with extension but nothing is set in stone. Don't have tons of hedges or anything to thick to trim bit also don't want to be...
  7. Landscape Maintenance
    A client has a Primrose Jasmine and she's wanting it cut back. The plant has completely covered her swing bench. #1. What would be your least charge for this? #2. What would be the most you would charge for this?
  8. Bidding, Estimating and Pricing
    Help me out please. I have a new potential commercial job. The guy said if I do a good job on the hedges then he would let me take the care of everything next year. The hedges are 509 feet long, 12 feet high and never been trimmed. They need the trimming but they aren’t crazy over grown. I’ve...
  9. Bidding, Estimating and Pricing
    Im in South Florida. Need a little help on pricing FICUS HEDGE cuts. I am typically EXCLUDING ficus hedges from routine maintenance. Customers ask for cuts when they want them. My better customers are quarterly. I am charging $1 per linear foot to trim the hedge sides and top. $2 per...
  10. Original Pictures Forum
    Just a few pics of trimming jobs we have done this summer :waving:
  11. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    I decided to pull the trigger and start my own company. I'm funding it, so I'm starting small, as needed equipment. Basics I have except back pack blower, hedge trimmer, extended hedge trimmer, and rear tine roto tiller. Oh yeah, and a truck. That's another story. Need blower and hedge trimmer...
  12. Landscape Maintenance
    Hi everyone, I've heard that at Disney World, they use special hedge trimmers with a spiral or reel-type blade that also sucks up the hedge clippings into a bag. This would be so much more productive than regular hedge trimming. Does any one here...
  13. Lawn Mowing
    Okay, here it goes. I don’t usually post online… y bother on info highway. However, there were so much uncertainty about mixing attachments with Stihl power heads, I have decided to post something from my experience. By all means, I am not a pro or do I use my equipment all the time. I am...
  14. Landscape Maintenance
    I'm about to purchase my first set of commercial hedge trimmers and wanted some opinions from you guys before spending the money. All of my handhelds are Shindaiwa so I was planning on sticking with them to keep the same gas mix. I'm not going to be using them that often, just a few...
1-14 of 15 Results