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  1. Digital Marketing
    I am planning for next year's season. I am very interested in a website based upon all my research on here. I am computer dumb please help. I've seen websites from $9.99 -$199.99 a month. I'm needing a direction to go. $9.99 cheap template. $199.99 was supposedly hands free I just deal with...
  2. Digital Marketing
    Before I begin, I am sorry for anything I have repeated in other threads. I have read a lot of other threads about websites and I have a few questions that are similar to others. First, my business used and uses godaddy to make and host our website (mistake). That was before I ever read...
  3. Digital Marketing
    Getting a website together for this year. Only makes sense these days. I also am learning about SEO. But i am confused about a few things and i figured some of you on here can clarify some things. 1. To have a company implement SEO on a website I created first or do they build it from the...
1-3 of 4 Results