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  1. Network: South
    Prepping for upcoming summer heat and just curious to know what the heat experts in FLA utilize to keep cool?Originally from Ft. Myers & lived in Daytona for years as a FLA native but wasn't doing lawn maintenance. Picking your guys brains as Savannah heat is no joke either . Best shirts...
  2. Mechanic and Repair
    I have a Briggs Quantum 6.5 hp pushmower that will not restart when hot. It's for a customer. Prime the mower (cold) 2-3 times, and it starts on the first pull. Mow for 30 minutes, shut down to empty the bag. Empty the bag, put it back on (5 minutes, max) and it will not start. Leave it for...
  3. Turf Renovation
    Hey Guys, I would love to do more in my yard but I feel it wouldn't be worth it with grass like this. The grass is about the same every year, although some times its a lot greener than most and especially a lot dryer and browner during the dryer months of the year. I would love to have a nice...
1-3 of 4 Results