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  1. Network: South
    I have customer that is interested for a french drain. I will like to know before even giving her the quote and or even starting a project and catch a surprise. I've called the city and they just bouncing around like they don't know.
  2. Marketplace
    I'm selling my Flex by Troy-Built comes with the power base, 28" Mower, Dethatcher, and pressure washer attachments also throwing in a troy-bilt string trimmer that doesnt work so great need carb cleaned or something. The Flex runs great! The latch and lock system is currently hooked to the...
  3. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Hi, brand new to the site and I'm sorry for the redundant post as im sure its been asked several times over. Ive been Wanting to start up a small business in the Houston area I dont have mucj experience with mowing (besides my own house) but I worked for one of the biggest lawn care companies...
  4. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Howdy, y'all! My brother and I are going to be in the market for a couple of new stand-ons here soon and we need to know which is the best for what we're mowing. We mow mainly St. Augustine with a bit of Bahia and thin, tall weeds here and there, mulch only unless asked otherwise. We may go to...
  5. Tree Climbing, Pruning, Felling
    I've been reading articles about other states must have a permit or licenses. Other cases few got fine for not having them. There isn't case files or examples in Houston must have a permit. My question for those in Houston, is there a need? clients wants trees to be removed and grinded to build...
  6. Introduce Yourself
    Hi everyone - new landscape and lawn care guy from Houston, TX. Look forward to getting to know everyone.
  7. Original Pictures Forum
    The cooler days are all but over down here and it is looking like it is going to be a hot season in Houston. Last year the season didn't really start until late May/June, but this year it's going to definitely be earlier.
  8. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    Is this Crabgrass? How do I get rid of it? It's winter (mid-January) here in Houston, Texas and my lawn is mostly brown and dormant except for patches of a green broadleaf weed. Is this crabgrass? How do I get rid of it. It's an abandoned, foreclosed home that I purchased with a very...
  9. Power Washing
    We recently restored the brick of this home in Kingwood Texas using very low pressure. Pressure Washing brick should only be done using very low pressure so as not to damage the brick or mortar joints.
  10. Original Pictures Forum
    Started using the BARC rust remover from Front9 restoration a couple months ago and have been having great success with it. I bought a case and got a listing on their website the Professional Applicator for the Houston Texas area. The BARC rust remover is great because it removes Battery Acid...
  11. Power Washing
    Check our latest Houston Texas Roof Cleaning Video. The roof in the video was cleaned without the use of a pressure washer eliminating the risk od any damage to the shingles.
  12. Power Washing
    For professional results by a professional rust removal contractor Kingwood Texas residents turn to Clean and Green Solutions. Here are some pics of a rust removal we recently completed. Kingwood Texas is located just north of Houston Texas.
  13. Power Washing
    We recently completed this Spring Texas Roof Cleaning. Spring Texas is located in Northwest Houston Texas. The roof on this is 8 years old and as you can tell was heavily infested with the black mold and mildew stains. After our Soft Wash Low Pressure Roof Cleaning service the roof was returned...
  14. Power Washing
    Clean and Greens Solutions completed this Houston Pressure Washing job in the Kingwood Texas area. Kingwood is where we are based out of and is just north of Houston. This home had not been cleaned in 16 years. Our customer was very pleased with the results we are able to achieve.
  15. Power Washing
    Here are a few pic's from a Cob Web Removal job we did on Lake Livingston, just about an hour north of Houston Texas. Having a Pressure Washer that puts out 8 gpm and and adjustable wand so that the pressure can be turned down is key to removing Cob Web Infestations like this.
  16. Power Washing
    Here is a rather large Graffiti Removal job we did in Houston Texas recently.
  17. Power Washing
    Here is job we did yesterday in Kingwood Texas just north of Houston Texas. Our pressure washing and roof cleaning services take us all over the Houston Texas area.
  18. Marketplace
    Looking for a good, used 48"+ ZTR mower for sale in the Houston, Texas area. Uncle & I have a construction company and we need to keep the job sites mowed. Plus I've got 5 acres to mow he has 10+ acres to keep mowed. Prefer Scag, Exmark or Toro hydro, but will consider anything. If anyone can...
1-18 of 30 Results