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  1. Turf Renovation
    I need assistance determining whether I have a problem, or whether this is just grass that is seasonal and will revive this Spring. I would also like to know if anyone can identify what type of grass this it is. I included pictures so you can see how it is intermingled with the other variety...
  2. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    I need ID so i can get a repair manual and spare parts. Thank you
  3. Mechanic and Repair
    I need ID so i can get a repair manual and spare parts. Thank you
  4. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    I think I have Floratam because of the purple runners can anyone confirm? Will new Floratam sod have purple runners or do they change color over time?
  5. Landscape Maintenance
    Hello all, I went into business this summer and had a relatively decent start, but eventually had to let go of all of my clients as I moved elsewhere. However, I've been trying to get motivated again and put myself in the best position to go into the new year and season. One area I noticed I...
  6. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    I'm trying to figure out what kind of grass this is. I live in South Central Kansas.
  7. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    Initially I thought this was iron deficiency as the old leaves are dark green and the new ones are very pale, but the spots make me think it is possibly some disease like fungus. The grass is Zoysia that I seeded about two and a half months ago. I have been watering often to help germinate the...
  8. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    I have a tree in my front yard that was installed two years ago when I built my house. Unfortunately I was not left with any information on what was planted in my yard including the tree, and have no idea what it is. I have had some people who claim to know a lot about trees, and nobody has been...
  9. Landscape Maintenance
    After searching through several of the weed id pages listed here I am still no closer to finding out what this weed is. could someone give me some help in identifying this weed? Thanks in advance.
  10. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    I've got 3 types of weeds in my bermuda currently growing. Can you help positively ID them? I think #1 may be wild carrot but not sure and probably not correct, #2 may be chickweed and #3 may be white clover.
1-10 of 10 Results