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  1. Professional Discussions
    I'm trying to figure out whats better for several brass impacts that are about 2.5 feet above ground. PVC riser (most amount of swinging) PVC riser with L channel aluminum + cable ties to secure PVC riser with rebar? + cable ties to secure? Galvanized riser that starts about a foot into the ground
  2. Lawn Mowing
    Anybody out there keep one of these in the truck for changing blades, tires, etc. in the field? If so, what brand are you using and why, and what was the price. I'd like a 3/8 one if possible but the 1/2 put out way more torque. Thanks in advance
  3. Turf Renovation
    i just lost a GREAT FESCUE LAWN due to brown patch fungus. I thought the grass was just HEAT STRESSED being that in Atlanta, GA (30314) its been in the high 90's with high humidity for dang near 3-4 weeks straight - so its back to the drawing board for me this fall with the overseeding - but...
1-3 of 3 Results