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  1. Business Operations
    Should I pay for this out of pocket or let my insurance cover it? Ive heard using your insurance will cause your rate to increase. Storm door, glass.
  2. Business Operations
    Hey there! I have been cutting grass and doing small landscape work with my brother in the Conroe TX area for about 5 years now. We have recently opened an LLC, and are looking into getting our company insured. Does anybody have any past experience they would be willing to share about when they...
  3. Business Operations
    hey everyone. I have had a landscaping and snow company for a few years. Just last year I switched my 2012 Chevy 3500 to commerical auto so I could plow, this is with progressive. It’s the banks truck lol! But I’m paying about $3,000 a year for commerical auto on that truck. I just got another...
  4. Business Operations
    Last mowing service of the season for one of our commercial clients. One of our guys broke the front door with a stone. Our guys didn't even know they did it. Client owns an animal hospital. She's a great client. We've accepted responsibility. New glass is $940. Anyway, we've never made an...
  5. Business Operations
    Has anyone had any experience submitting a claim to Next Insurance? I am considering switching my Business Liability and Business Auto Policies to Next, but I would like to know if anyone out there has made a claim, especially an auto claim, and what your experience was. Thanks Jon
  6. Business Operations
    I’m a small business one man operation Looking into insurance What’s the best insurance I only do residential but the way the world is I wanna be covered just in case
  7. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Hello guys, I could use a little advice in choosing one of the three insurance carriers that I listed in the above title. Thanks again!
  8. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Hello, Does anyone use Hiscox insurance? Thank you.
  9. Business Operations
    What insurance should I get for my independent contractors? And how can I put an insurance sign up on my website. Let’s say they don’t have insurance and what to get some on my site. How can I do that?
  10. Business Operations
    I recently read a forum from here and it read "cutting yards under the table" and everyone was pissed claiming he is cheating the irs and taking food out of their kids stomachs or some mess and I didnt know there was a license I needed to own to cut grass for residents? Im a young guy so please...
  11. Business Operations
    which big name insurance company provides the best coverage? I’m trying to figure out what company I should go with
  12. Business Operations
    Whats everyone do for limits? I did 1M/2M and mow mostly residential. 80% of my business is in a retirement community where the whole home is probably worth 40 to 50k. I do some higher doller resi and will do commercial if it fits the bill, but have none now. I am a part time guy. Its about $450...
  13. Business Operations
    If a customer ask if you are insured and wants proof, do you just give them the policy number and phone number to contact? Will the insurance co tell them how much coverage I have?
  14. Business Operations
    On the 3rd year of business. First big year, We are unsure with what to do. Do we need trademarked? Also, Do we need LLC or to be incorporated? We currently have a business insurance policy but that is it. We do not have any employees. We are 1099 if that has anything to do with incorporating...
  15. Business Operations
    I'm 17 years old located in nj and started a landscaping business this year. Things are really taking off and I'm looking to get commercial insurance on my truck so I can letter it up. I got a quote for $3400 this seems a little crazy. Is this resonable?
  16. Business Operations
    So recently I did some minor damage to a water pipe that goes into the home. Thinking it wouldn't be too terribly expensive I offered to pay for it. Well the homeowner had the dad take care of it and I just reimbursing him for the materials and give some money for the time he spent. All in all...
  17. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Hey everyone, The title on this one speaks for itself lol. I'm a new guy trying to get my foot in the market starting off small. Many times I hear people scrutinize the new guy about licensing, registering a business name, getting proper insurance, etc.. even when they hear about a teenager...
  18. Business Operations
    Hey guys, I have a few questions concerning insurance and payroll. Insurance Questions: #1: How much coverage do you carry on your company for General Liability? (Example: $500,000, $750,000) #2: Which insurance company do you use, and would you recommend them to someone else? Have you had a...
1-18 of 56 Results