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  1. Lawn Mowing
    I just got home, and was checking the mail box for mail. It was early in the day and the mail lady hadn't made it down our street yet. But what I did find was a flyer. XYZ Mowing Service. The letter reads as follows. I am a 12 year old kid trying to earn extra money. I have been mowing yards...
  2. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Are there any husband and wife teams out there? I ask because me and husband are getting into the biz this year. My husband is going to keep his job for a while and I'm going to quit mine. We have a 1yr old son. We will mostly just be working part time, evenings and weekends... We have a biz...
  3. Lawn Mowing
    Just asking because i saw this video of a kid using one. Any insight?
1-3 of 3 Results