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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Hello everyone. My name is Kevin and I am actually planning on taking over my father's lawn care company in the next couple of years. If you follow my Instagram page @doctorlawncare I will post insights as to how I manage to resurrect the family business. I will follow everyone back!
  2. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Im starting a landscaping company in Calgary, any advice on how to get out there and seen. Im looking for the high end custom quality landscapes if possible. I have a website : Blog: Facebook ...
  3. Employment
    Needing landscapeing Co wanting to Sub contract a central iowa Government contract in Des Moines They need access to various grass seeds as well as all equipment, in addition i am needing seed suppliers for additional contract. Interested contact me at [email protected] for more info or call...
  4. General Industry Discussions
    Did you know there is a tax credit available for several aspects of landscaping until the end of 2009. this means you can make your home look nice and get money back heres the link! Homeowners landscaping tax credit link
  5. Employment
    I have found a new site that has US maps for landscapers, dirt locations, graders and erosion control businesses. You can also post on it for free. It has fill dirt, top soil, gravel pits and haulers listed on it.
1-5 of 9 Results