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  1. Business Operations
    I want to hear how you guys bill your customers. Here are some questions I have. 1.Do you mail or leave invoices at the property? 2.Do you send/leave an invoice weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly? 3.Where do you get your invoice templates or billing software? 4.Do you charge late fees? If yes, how...
  2. Business Operations
    What is a normal late fee for monthly service customers. I have a few every month that wait till now to send in the money. Out of all my cutomers I have given the OK to 2 people to pay after the 15th and did this when they signed up, never been an issue with them. There is always about $1,500...
  3. Business Operations
    :laugh:Long story here. You better get a drink first! What can we do about bad property management and apathetic councils? I have many stories and have attempted to resolve issues over the years using all of our available and legal resources. Conclusion, we have little control if a...
1-3 of 3 Results