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    I am getting out of the business and have the following items for sale: L.T. Rich Z-Sprayer with 638.6 Hours, Kawasaki Engine, Excellent Condition. Equipped with 20 Gallon Spray Tank with Optional 8 Gallon tank, 50 foot spray hose, 4 nozzle 6' Spray width with folding spray arms to allow...
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    I need to sell what is left of my business due to some extra duties I have taken on with my other job. I just do not have the time to even keep up with the 10 accounts I have left. The info is below: Everything you need and more to run a large business for residential and commercial...
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    We're looking to buy a small established lawn biz in Naples, FL area. Willing to buy equipment and accounts or one or the other. Looking for a biz with monthly income of $5,000 or better - can be commercial or residential or both. If you have something available, send us a private e-mail!
1-3 of 4 Results