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  1. Mechanic and Repair
    Hi. I have a self propelled lawn boy model 10545 and i just replaced the primer bulb on it. It runs great until you get on a hill or even the slightesr incline and stalls out instantly. If you leave it on level ground itll run forever. Whats going on? I dont wanna lose this mower lol. Thanks in...
  2. Mechanic and Repair
    So, the title basically sums it up. It starts in a pull or two. If you just leave it sit there, it'll run forever. It seemed that as soon as it hits grass, it would try and stall out. Not like load up and die, but just lose power. If I stuffed the throttle into the choke zone, it'd recover, and...
  3. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    got a 1991 2-cycle S21zPR. Have it running but it should be running better. Not getting enough power/rmp. I did disassemble and clean the walbro carb and did notice the governor spring was broken and unattached which I am ordering one. Could that keep it from not having enough rpm not under...
  4. Mechanic and Repair
    Hi guys, My lawnboy driveshaft became rounded and prevented the self propel drive system from working. Do any of you guys have one, I am willing to pay a fair price plus the shipping to Canada. The model number is 683129. Thanks
1-4 of 5 Results