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  1. Bidding, Estimating and Pricing
    I want to get everyone's thoughts and price they would charge for each of the 2 properties(side by side/neighbors) that I'm listing. The Ou.jpg pics are front and back of 1 property. The No.jpg pics are of the home next to it. Only front. no back pics, I hate I didn't get any of the back, it...
  2. Marketplace
    Like new Scag Giant Vac 18hp vanguard engine. Comes with tube(not pictured) and hitch swing arm mount Only 100 hours on machine. No holes in housing but 3 small dents. Tube is in perfect condition no holes. Runs like a champ $3300
  3. Bidding, Estimating and Pricing
    For a small yard that's got a lot of leaves how much extra do you guys add to haul the leaves offsite? I'm bidding a smallish property that's let their leaves build up a bit. Would be like $150 or $175 (2.5 hours hopefully) to just pile them on curb. Just wondering because all of my previous...
  4. Homeowner Assistance Forum
    I have a John Deere lawn tractor and am thinking of getting a Cyclone Rake. I use my JD to pick up the leaves now with a giant bag behind it. Does the Cyclone Rake increase suction that greatly? Any suggestions?
  5. Landscape Maintenance
    Hello all I am new to this site and I want some opinions on my lead vac set up. I recently bought a 18hp Billy goat debris loader for my dump trailer that is 12x7 downeaster dual axles with a 8000lbs payload capacity. I need to know how tall to build the sides on the trailer for what this...
  6. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Hey guys, Wondering what everyone's opinion on the best mower for collecting leaves. I'm using an older model Wright Stander. I'm just not happy with the way it picks up leaves. I'm buying a new fleet in the spring two 2018 Scags. One V-Ride and one zero turn walk behind to be my work...
  7. Marketplace
    Scag leaf vac purchased new in Nov. 2016 to replace another older machine used lighlty Fall of 2016 only 18 Hp Vangaurd scag swing away trailer hitch mount included great condition $3500.00 upgrading to a pull behind unit located in Columbus Ohio [email protected] photos soon
  8. Marketplace
    This is an american road machinery leaf vac I think it is 80 or 90 hp john deere diesel. The machine runs and operates great. I am only selling cause I bought a larger truck mounted unit. Completely serviced and gone through and ready to go. Here is a link to the local craigslist add...
  9. Marketplace
    Runs and operates well, bag has some holes in it (same as when i got it) sold obviously as is. asking $1000. make an offer
  10. Introduce Yourself
    Hi, New to the site, I'm Kerri, been in business for 9 years- mainly property maintenance and some residential hard scape, and plowing in the winter. X-mark, Advantage, Billy Goat are part of my equipment list. Three crews strong and growing. Joined to ask what are the best equipment for...
  11. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Had to empty my bagger a ton today. About every 3 passes. I Really need to keep it moving working solo to get things done. Thought of this Idea, had everything laying around. Some kind of chicken wire..( customer gave it to me) About 30 zip ties (ends cut off lol) Old trashcan lid One...
  12. Business Operations
    I'm approaching my first fall/winter season of business. I'm curious to know if you charge customers in addition to your monthly rate? I have some customers that have a lot of Oak and Pine trees that i can see will be a problem. It would be even better to hear from local Florida guys as I am in...
  13. Marketplace
    I am looking for a 48" -52" zero turn mower with a collection system. walker, scag, exmark, hustler let me know what you have
  14. Marketplace
    i have a 2010 74 " Walker Mower Deck great shape Bought with a super b but have no use for the deck. $2000 obo no leaks heavy gear boxes very little wear mower had less than 900 hrs and I haven't used deck.
  15. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    So I just put a down payment on a Peco 3 bin bagger for my JD z920m. It comes with the 6.5hp Briggs engine. Any of you guys have one of these? If anyone had any tips on installation or anything in general that would be great.
  16. Marketplace
    I am looking for a used leaf loader between 10-20 HP. I am located in Maryland zip code 21015. I am willing to travel 50 miles to buy. Post pictures and where you are located. Thanks
  17. Landscape Maintenance
    I have a few apartment complexes that want leaves removed. There is a lot of some areas and not so many in some. One of them is roughly 100k sq. ft. and i dont know what to charge. I am thinking double what i charge to mow, so id charge 440. Is that close? I am new to the industry, but have...
  18. Marketplace
    got a solid leaf vac ready to work ford new Holland diesel engine 16 inch intake hose hydraulic / be great to start leaf removal business $3200 960 hours on engine 270 749 9827 more info
  19. Landscape Maintenance
    Who here does leaf clean-ups for customers before every cut? I currently just blow the beds and walks of leaves onto grassy areas than cut them into the grass. Looks really ****ty and just wanna hear what you guys do with your customers? I was thinking about adding either a weekly or bi-weekly...
  20. Landscape Maintenance
    Last friday I picked up my new billy goat 18hp leaf loader (ill try and get pics of the loader and leaf box i made up soon). After some debate I decided to mount the loader on my trailer. I plan on making a stand/mount out of 4x4 and layered 5/8 plywood. I will use the 4x4s for the legs of the...
1-20 of 27 Results