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  1. Landscape Lighting
    Friends, Launched today! A new path light that's quite unique. It's the first in our Estate Series - oversized, elegant lights that make a statement. Not for every landscape, save these for larger homes and properties - especially when they feature wrought iron railings or furniture. View VOLT...
  2. Landscape Lighting
    I am vigorously searching for the best value in landscape lighting. I can go through a SiteOne and invest much in theyre lighting. Im mostly looking at Unique's Odyssey line. A mentor here turned me onto Sterling lights and I LOVE the price but a very limited selection of items. I joined AMP...
  3. VOLT Lighting (Archived)
    Dear Friends, VOLT® Decorative Bollards are illuminated towers constructed with panels of intricate patterns. These fixtures are beautiful pieces of art in the daytime, and exquisite sources of compelling light at night. The bollards come in two styles (Scroll Tower & Leaf Tower): Two...
  4. Trucks, Trailers and ATV/UTV
  5. Sponsor Announcements
  6. Landscape Lighting
    Friends, It’s been awhile since I last posted. These last two months have been an exciting time for me. In case you haven’t heard, I relocated to sunny Tampa, FL and I’m happy to announce I now work for VOLT® Lighting as Communications Director. I’m very optimistic because this is a company...
  7. Starting a Lawn Care Business
    Im thinkin about putting a few Leds on the back of my rider for when i am traveling(short distances) from Job to Job. While my other guys stay behind and edge,blow, etc. Instead of putting the mowers back in the trailer and out again and again! Good idea?? i also almost got hit on one the other...
1-7 of 9 Results