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  1. Marketplace
    Site One (Lesco) Spray tank. 200 gal tank and be split into 2 100 gallon tanks with agitation. 300 foot electric hose reel. Paid $7200.00. Never been used except to put anti-freeze in to winterize. Asking $5500.00
  2. Marketplace
    Asking $6500 cash , contact me any time at 770-334-7593 I am located in Marietta, GA. 300 Gallong Skid Sprayer | Split Tank | All Electric Spacer Saver You can look up the unit “The Boss Sprayer” on google. I paid $7800 new for the unit after taxes and delivery. I ended up making a early...
  3. Marketplace
    I’m looking for both the remote 3rd hole kit and deflector kit for Lesco 80lb push spreaders. New or used I don’t care.
  4. Lawn Mowing Equipment
    Hello all, first post here on lawnsite. I could not directly find the answer I’m looking for on the forums. I’m about to pull the trigger on a slightly used (5 hours) Lesco Pro Aer 30 that’s sold by SiteOne. From what I’ve seen it’s just a Stinger that’s painted green and stickered with Lesco...
  5. Mechanic and Repair
    Basically, I'm trying to find the shaft dimensions because my kohler motor lost compression on one of the cylinders. I have no tags or data plates anywhere. Lesco says the model number is K582S but I can't find that motor or data on it anywhere. I can find the K582 but it doesn't even look like...
  6. Mechanic and Repair
    Hello! I have a Lesco Z-two (model 707201) 48" mower and I am having a tough time finding the blades. The blades are 16.5" and have a 3/4" hole. Any help on a blade model that would fit this more would be greatly appreciated. I would like to have mulching blades but can do without.
  7. Mechanic and Repair
    I purchased a used Lesco 80lb spreader which has the white gears without a gearbox and it is the 4:1 gear ratio. The teeth on both gears are worn and slip a little, so I am going to replace them. The cost to replace both gears and the gear support (broken but still functional) on Rittenhouse...
  8. Marketplace
    Welcome to my post. I am currently selling mowers, trimmers, an aerator, spreaders, blowers, and more. I had added more photos of all the items in an online photo storage to minimize loading this page because of all the photos. Please take a look at the item and if you are interested you can...
  9. Marketplace
    I have a GNC Spacesaver that I purchased new in February of 2020 that I would like to sell or trade for a late model low hour Permagreen or Jr 36. Asking $3900
  10. Marketplace
    Lesco 36" Walk behind Mower - Belt drive, 314 hours, Kawasaki FC420 engine, home owner use only, cuts great, stripes nicely. Includes grass catcher, high lift and gator blades, and manuals. $650 - two-oh-three 3051658 - Jesse
  11. Marketplace
    ROZELL SPRAYER MANUFACTURING, INC. out of Tyler, TX Norwesco PCO Poly Tank 5.5 HP Honda GX160 Engine Maruyama MSD41 3 - Cylinder Piston Pump with Quick By-Pass and High Pressure Gauge 12" Hose Reel with 300' 3/8' x600 PSI Hose and Green Garde Gun w/ Quick Couplers Rugged All- Steel Welded Frame...
  12. Marketplace
    I am scaling back . here is my slightly used , garage kept Lesco slit seeder / renovator . I used it 3 or 4 times a season as an incentive when I sold an irrigation system . I am 90% irrigation service now so I am cleaning house . This is in like new condition . its in Pasadena Md 21122...
  13. Mechanic and Repair
    I have two Lesco ride spreaders. They have both started "slipping" when forward drive is engaged. One also does it in reverse. I have never had this issue before. The only thing in common is that they were in a shop where maintenance crews would blow out the bays and create a cloud of fine dust...
  14. Marketplace
    2015 Ground logic pathfinder, good condition 800 hrs, Honda motor, recently serviced. Spray bar and wand. $4000.00 Obo Back rack available as well at additional cost.
  15. Mechanic and Repair
    Okay folks, hoping for any information.... Problem: Mower bogs down under load. If you are idling it sounds perfect, once you move forward with any speed, engine sputters and wants to die. Also happens when you throttle up, even if not moving. Same happens when blades are engaged and you try to...
  16. Marketplace
    Runs good even though it's an older model. Serviced regularly by our in-house mechanic. $1,900 OBO
  17. Marketplace
    Lesco 200 gallon skid sprayer. Electric reel, electric pump. In good working order, just a bit rusty near the bottom as most get from fert.
1-17 of 86 Results