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  1. Christmas Trees & Seasonal
    Went to do a bid for an HOA on a Sunday which I never do but wanted to get it done asap. Meet with the client I had at 3:30pm which was the scheduled time. Did 5 estimates in the neighborhood. By the time I got to the fourth one, it was about 5:30 and the presidents house. I knocked and his...
  2. Marketplace
    2018 ALTOZ TRX 561 : 31 HP KAWI : 19 Hrs : All OEM Options : Lights : OCDC : Hitch : Front Weight Kit : 61" Finish Cut Deck. $12,500
  3. Christmas Trees & Seasonal
    If I had (3) 3 man crews (9 guys) installing Christmas many homes could I do in a season?
  4. Heavy Equipment & Tractors
    Both front headlights went out and I'm not quite sure why. Relays and fuses are ok and I get power at the fuse when lights are on. I can hear the relay click while pushing the headlight switch. No power at fuse when lights are off. No power at plug ends for lights under any condition. They...
  5. Trucks, Trailers and ATV/UTV
    on one of my trucks i had a whelan strobe kit installed in my headlights and tail lights. i did this because some of my clients are down busier streets with high traffic areas. speed limit says 35 but they fly down sometimes doing close to 45 if i were to guess. did they work? i don't know but...
  6. Christmas Trees & Seasonal
    Hey guys this is my first year doing christmas lights and I was wondering if you guys had any tips or knew where I could buy Led strands and c9 bulbs in bulk thanks
  7. Original Pictures Forum
    Well, I was bored and this took way too long, but it came out nice. These are 55W driving lights, that cost less than 20 bucks. When I do get caught finishing up at night, there were two problems: - seeing just forward of the line you are attempting to cut - seeing the deck as you go around...
  8. Trucks, Trailers and ATV/UTV
    I'm trying to wire my trailer to the car so I bought one of the four wire connectors and this isn't working. Here's what I've got... from the trailer there are a total of four wires -brown and yellow go to the right side light of the trailer -brown and green go to the left side light of the...
  9. Christmas Trees & Seasonal
    Has anyone ever used either of these? I have seen seasonal source product and they look good but where i get them are out. So, thought about trying but their strands for comm mini leds are like $18 for 8ft. Any thoughts?
  10. Christmas Trees & Seasonal
    Alright heres my deal, i live on top of my city where every one drives by i have a ranch style stucco house, i will post pics tomorrow. I want to go wild with christmas lights, from the mulch to the yard to the house to the roof. I need guidance so i dont overload my electrical, i dont need...
1-10 of 12 Results