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  1. Business Operations
    We have been using Service Autopilot for some time now and while it is amazing for maintenance and recurring work, I have found that it lacks tremendously on the landscaping / project work side. Have others on here had this problem / moved to another system because of it? The landscape install /...
  2. Business Operations
    Hey Guys. We have been using LMN for just over a year now. I'm glad we implemented it when we did. It has been our best year yet but quite a bit and I have no complaints there. However, Looking ahead to 2018 I wanted to get some other thoughts on the program. My main concern is how low our NET...
  3. Business Operations
    Good Morning, We have been using LMN for a few months now and are generally happy with it. One of the big challenges we have been having is in regards to our Fert division. The way we are using the program now seems very cumbersome and time consuming on fert only accounts. I was curious if...
1-3 of 3 Results