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  1. Business Operations
    So I'm extremely busy this season, I have too many jobs and I'm trying to figure out how to give some of these jobs to other landscapers and still make a profit. Btw the jobs range from $50-$80 on average, any thoughts?
  2. Pesticide & Herbicide Application
    Long story short, my husband and I recently inherited a pretty big lawn care business (13 workers, 2 office people) after the untimely passing of his brother. He's getting the business side of things in order and I'm handling the office. So far, it's holding together better than we expected...
  3. Business Operations
    We currently use Jobber to schedule our jobs and keep track of client information. However, one downside is that it doesn't have many marketing integrations. Does anyone know of a CRM that allows for scheduling of jobs, and integrates platforms like activecampagin, autopilot, zapier, etc?
  4. Business Operations
    I've been bouncing around the last couple years with doing most office work myself, to last year trying to hire someone that could handle taking calls, input some schedules, help with receipts, etc. But he wasn't experienced in any of this at that point, so I didn't save as much time/money as I...
  5. Business Operations
    im Looking for something i can manage bothe my lawncare and landscaping. I would like to be able to schedule my lawncare, invoicing, estimates etc,, ive grown a lot over past couple years and things in the office have to get better, thanks
  6. Business Operations
    Let me ask a hypothetical question to more experienced owners if I may. If you had the opportunity to purchase a business that specialized in high end estate homes and another that specialized in servicing HOAs is there a better choice one over the other? To elaborate both businesses have great...
  7. Business Operations
    Hi, I'm looking for a mgmt/route software for my lawn service and I'd like your opinion about: I've heard about quite a few like Auto Pilot, Qxpress but... 1- Which software do you use? 2- Your opinion about it (pros/cons, cost/benefit) Thanks....
  8. Business Operations
    Well i want to get some commercial properties. I'm not talking about a shopping center, but just businesses in general, like say a small factory property, maybe some restaurants, small local car dealerships. A place where my name that i will put on my truck will get noticed. How should i go...
  9. Introduce Yourself
    Hello from Detroit! :cool2: New to the forum and bit of a double entity here. I started a lawn company Shamrock Landscaping in 2006 to pay for college. After growing it a bit and getting a truck stolen twice I pitched a tech idea to a buddy. Locqus was born. I could not afford LoJack at the...
  10. Business Operations
    From the ground up I need info! I was searching for business books to read when I ran across this website. I was offered a position at a local, small rock yard. I will be the only employee other than the owner. The owner is needing assistance with business software, basic business management...
  11. Business Operations
    Hey All, Currently have about 400 residential maintenance clients. I want to keep mowing/fert and sub out everything else (cleanups, landscaping, pruning, etc.). I have never worked with a sub contractor before and would love to hear any thoughts/tips in this regard. Some of the main...
  12. General Industry Discussions
    I'm 19 and I recently started a lawn care business with a buddy. I like mowing lawns and am considering switching my major to turf management. I'm a real estate major right now and was considering minoring in business. Anyway my question is has anyone majored in turf management? What kind of...
  13. Business Operations
    My Friend and I started a lawn care company about two years ago and we have been using excel spreadsheets to keep track of our accounts. After a few years they are getting quite confusing and we are in need of a software upgrade. Any suggestions?
  14. Business Operations
    Whats a good program to run my business on? I have a mac, and I need something easy, and for landscaping if possible, that works out everything. invoices, taxes, etc.
1-14 of 17 Results